Lift Station

Due to new technology and smaller lot sizes, lift stations are becoming more commonplace. Control panels, pumps, float controls, alarm systems, pressure filters, and plumbing concerns are all items that we can diagnose and service.
Each Lift Station receives wastewater from either a building or aseries of buildings and pushes wastewater into the sewer system. As this waste is forced into the sewer by pumps, solids become trapped at the bottom. These materials should be removed in order to ensure this debris does not interfere with the proper flow of wastewater into/out of the structure or create a problem for the pumps.
DERM, in Miami-Dade County, for example, requires annual reporting of the hours used by each pump in a licensed Lift Station. With our annual maintenance agreements, we are able to ensure the Lift Station is functioning at peak levels and aid in the completion of the required forms for compliance.

Image background of inside mechanical room of pipeline system for swimming pool.

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